Therapeutic protocol

The therapeutic protocol has been entrusted to a small group of veterinarians that assess clinical cases and agree on the most appropriate method of administration.

A blood sample of a few mls. is taken from the patient to be treated, the blood is then put into the test tube pre-prepared for cell deprogramming.

The de-programming procedure takes place in 72 hours.

At this point the patient receives treatment intravenously and local injections in the pathological area can also be administrated.

The acquired experience from over forty thousand injections has taught us how to modulate the therapeutic action adjusting it to the patient and the pathology: in older patients or very weak once the preferred approach is small doses more frequently, an acute trauma will be given an important parcel containing information rich stem cells and regenerative energy.

The filing and re-examining of clinical cases has allowed the preparation of material for presentation at Congresses and for publication in the most important national and international scientific journals giving value to the therapeutic success of the cases treated.

imm cellula 1

imm cellula 2