Stem cells


The pluripotent stem cells are cells capable of dividing themselves an infinite number of times and give life to multiple cell lines that make the organism. Our body is continually renewing itself and is able to reconstruct portions of damaged tissues as in wounds, fractures, degenerative illnesses ,etc…

This happens thanks to adult stem cells.

In the adult individual the number of such cells is very limited, therefore, by increasing them one allows the body to have extra allies to fight the illness in an efficient and quick way.

Thankstem stem cells characteristics:

The patented THANKSTEM stem cells are:

  • Pluripotent adult stem cells
  • Autologous cells that is taken and re-injected into the same individual cancelling any possible graft reject and/or acquired pathologies from an allogenic transfusion
  • They are derived from blood cells. Few mls. of blood allow one to obtain a homogenous cell population with high level of in-differentiation
  • They are administered locally in the damaged areas.

But the most important applied option is: intravenous infusion with a therapeutic potential that other methods do not allow.

The conceptual aspect has therefore changed: the stem cells are not simple bricks that substitute the missing pieces, but are the amplified instrument of regenerative information to which the whole organism responds because the psycho-neuro-endocine-immune system (PNEI) is activated.


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